Our CTR-Fence has brought back the joy of gardening!

We were discouraged 30 years ago when most of our precious garden vegetables were eaten or destroyed by wild animals.

Three years ago (when COVID hit) we tried it again and started with a 10x10 foot CTR-Fence enclosure. The following year we expanded to a 10x35 foot CTR-Fence and then a 10x70 foot garden.

We have not lost a single carrot, tomato, cucumber, potatoes, zucchini, lettuce, peas, etc. to rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes nor any other wild or domestic animal.

We actually enjoy watching the wild animals in our backyard and find it amusing when they come close but NEVER enter the garden.

The CTR-Fence is a minor investment compared to the joy and rewards of gardening.

Teresa, Thousand Oaks

Our garden beds were an easy target for all kinds of rodents.

Even the dog and cat couldn’t keep out of them.
We were referred to CTR-Fence by our exterminator.
CTR-Fence designed a custom solution for our raised beds.
The installation was quick and effective. The rodents are no longer
a problem and we can enjoy the bounty of our garden again!
The service has been extraordinary.
We highly recommend CTR-Fence!

Mike & Lisa, Agoura

I wanted to teach our children the joy of gardening

as part of our home schooling. Rats, squirrels, wild rabbits and raccoons kept us from ever seeing any fruits of our labors.

Then we used the CTR-Fence and our garden flourished! Not a single wild animal ever entered the garden again.

We moved to a new house and took the CTR-Fence with us to enclose our new garden. We frequently house sit dogs and they know not to go near our garden beds. The CTR-Fence is perfectly safe for children and domestic pets.

Jen, Newbury Park / Thousand Oaks

The CTR-Fence saved my chickens from coyotes!

I inherited some chickens with a chicken coop from a college bound student. There is only a 5 foot chain link fence separating our property from a national park with lots of coyotes, bobcats, even mountain lions and other predators. We hear the coyotes barking and yelping every night and we see them stalking our chickens through the fence during the day. Once we saw a coyote hop over the fence with ease.

We immediately enhanced the 5' chain link fence with the CTR-Fence. We have never seen any wild animal on our property again.

The chickens enjoy the free range and we benefit from daily free range eggs. The CTR-Fence works!

Peter, Thousand Oaks

About Us

CTR-FENCE® was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We planted a backyard garden but needed some way to keep critters from ravaging the plants. With a little ingenuity we developed the CTR-Fence for the garden. It worked so well, other neighbors wanted similar protection and since then we have made many successful installations.

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